5 Ways to Start Living an Organic Lifestyle

BWG SEO25 Aug 2022

While living an organic lifestyle has become a lot more accessible than it was a few years ago, making the transition can still be challenging, especially if you are stuck in unhealthy habits. Here are our tips!

Buy Organic Groceries

The first step you want to take in leading an organic lifestyle is to start swapping out pantry items for organic ones. Make sure that the meat, nuts, coffee, and other food items are all organic. Most supermarkets will have a few organic options. You can also try shopping at farmer’s markets or online stores such as ComplEat Wellness, where there is a range of organic food in Wanaka listed.

Organic foods are packed with nutrients and are natural immune-boosters.

Wear Organic Fabrics and Support Ethical Fashion

By now, we should all be aware of the fast fashion epidemic and be wary of clothing items that have been made using unsustainable processes. Stop the cycle by opting for organic fabrics made by ethical fashion labels.

Ditch the Fast Food

When you buy takeout from traditional fast food restaurants, it is very difficult to know where the ingredients have been sourced from, and most of the time, there is more of a focus on taste and convenience than there is on health. If you want to start living an organic, healthy lifestyle, you need to ditch the fast food and focus on making delicious homemade meals with organic ingredients.

But this does not mean you have to give up eating out all together. No matter where you live in NZ, you’re bound to have a local health restaurant that prides itself on creating delicious, organic dishes. Show them your support when you don’t feel like cooking!

Invest in Organic Skincare

Our skin is our body’s largest organ, and it is also the organ that is most exposed to the environment, so it is very important that we protect it correctly. It is well worth investing in organic skincare products that look after and nourish your skin without the chemicals and toxins of traditional skincare products.

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