Why Choose Wholefoods Supplements?

BWG SEO28 Sep 2022

Healthy living is at the forefront of many approaches to overall well-being at the moment since the connection between preventative care and maintained health versus reactive measures has been so clearly laid out in the post-pandemic world. 

Wholefoods supplements are a very specific band of food supplements that focus on offering supplements that are refined and processed as little as possible and, more often than not, are made from plant-based ingredients or foods. Choosing a wholefoods supplement that is also organic and ethically sourced is literally the best choice you can make for your supplements.

Let’s take a look at what wholefoods supplements are and why they offer such a significant benefit.

What Are Wholefoods Supplements?

Wholefoods supplements are specifically created to be as nutritional and untouched as possible. While many of these supplements embrace choosing organic farming practices to create the supplements, the terms ‘organic’ and ‘wholefoods’ are not necessarily interchangeable. In addition to this, most of these supplements opt for local sourcing or fair trade practices. It isn’t a prerequisite, so always check if these are important values to you.

As for what wholefoods supplements actually are, you will find that they mostly come in the form of concentrates or dehydrated plant materials. Whole grains, fruits, legumes, vegetables and tubers often form part of a wholefood supplement. These supplements rely on the complex structure of combining various nutrients, vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, etc. in order to create a more complete and robust supplement. 

The Advantages Of Wholefoods Supplements

While there are many benefits of opting for wholefoods supplements, here are the top three:

1) Supplement Complexity and Synergistic Nutrients 

Wholefoods supplements include food-derived components, meaning you get a more complex make up of phytonutrients and other interactive components.

2) Bioavailability and increased tolerance 

Your body can better absorb and use the components in wholefoods supplements because these supplements use natural sources to make up the supplement. It is the easiest form in which your body can receive and break down nutrients.

3) Truth & Transparency

When you choose wholefoods supplements, you know exactly what is in them and that you are choosing the least synthetic form of supplement possible for your ongoing health and well-being.

If you have any more questions about food supplements or would like recommendations for which wholefoods supplements might be good for you, feel free to stop by or get in touch today.