Sprouting and Activating

Leisa Cournane31 Mar 2020

Why Sprout?

Sprouts are nutrient dense power houses, inexpensive and a great way to have greens all year round. They take very little hands on time to prepare and minimal equipment.

 How to Sprout:

There are various sprouting gadgets out there but the easiest I have found is a sprouting lid (available online or from most health shops for under $5) and a large jar like an agee jar to fit available from supermarkets and op shops.

A sprouting lid is a screw top lid with wire mesh so you can rinse and drain sprouts. Cheese cloth also works especially well if sprouting in bowls.


Once you have chosen your seed, measure out 1-2Tbsp (this could turn into 1-3 cups of sprouts) – once you have done a bit of sprouting you will know how many seeds to put in the jar depending on what you are sprouting. Have a quick sort through the sprouts and discard and broken seeds, grit, stones etc.

Rinse the seeds well with water, then cover the seeds with water and soak. Leave for several hours - small seeds – like alfalfa or overnight – large seeds like mung beans.

After they have soaked drain off the water,  rinse and drain again and leave to sprout – but still rinse/drain them at least once or twice per day while sprouting (more if you think about it), this stops them going bitter.

For sweeter sprouts leave them in a darkish place while sprouting and put them in the sun for the last couple of hours.

Sprouts will be ready in 2-5 days. Once they have reached the desired ‘length’ rinse well and store in the fridge – use as needed rinsing again before use.


For seeds in go to your local health shop or visit http://www.kingsseeds.co.nz/shop/Seeds+for+Sprouting.html

For more information on sprouting I recommend amazing sprouts by Pamela Blowers

Or visit http://www.rubiconriverfarm.com/bulk-food/nuts-and-seeds-soaking-and-sprouting-chart/


Soaking Nuts and Seeds

If you have time and want to have a wee play this can make nuts and seeds more nourishing for the body. Have you ever had a tingly feeling in your mouth or on your tongue after eating a certain type of nut? This step can also prevent that sensation in some cases. (NB if you have a severe nut allergy avoidance unless under medical supervision is still the best option).

To soak - simply soak your chosen nut/seed for 8-18 hours in warm water and a liberal amount of unrefined salt. Drain and then place in a dehydrator or oven at a low heat for 6-48 hours. High heats will destroy nutrients. The nuts/seeds have a lovely crunchy texture when they are ready with more taste and will store well.

Generally the bigger the nut/seed the longer the soak and dehydrate.

If you only want to soak them and then use them in their wet state they can used immediately and be added to breakfast like oats or brown rice, smoothies or made into nut milk or they can be sprouted.

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