Wild Wood Spiced Cacao with Reishi and Lions Mane 100g


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Welcome to the Wildwood. Prepare yourself to step into a world of decadent flavours and powerful superfoods.

Wildwood Spiced Cacao is a blend of indulgently rich cacao and punchy spices, complemented by a creamy finish. The elevating factor is a subtle, earthy dose of high-quality mushroom extracts, trusted traditionally for millennia to naturally provide energy and wellbeing. Sparingly seasoned with organic coconut sugar – just enough to maximise the flavour of our star ingredients without stealing the show.

Each serving contains:

500mg Reishi – your ticket to the Zen Den

500mg Lion’s Mane – Your invisible thinking cap

Wildwood mushrooms are fruiting body only, certified organic, heavy metals tested and extracted for maximum bioavailability

For a delicious moment that will keep you feeling good all day.

100g bag contains 12 servings