Wild Kiwihearts Magnesium Spray 100mL


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100ML SPRAY GLASS BOTTLE.A MAGNESIUM SUPPLEMENT WITH 50% MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE FOR TOPICAL APPLICATION.THIS IS SUITED FOR THOSE REQUIRING MORE MAGNESIUM EITHER REGULARLY OR ON OCCASION WITH MORE INTENSE CONDITIONS.This is an easily absorbed Magnesium supplement absorbed through the skin which helps soothe muscle tension, aching joints and improves sleep.

Magnesium is needed for overall health and wellbeing to assist several hundred daily bodily functions.

Do you suffer from: sore muscles, restless legs, sleeping issues, stress/anxiety, cramp, migraines? These can all be indicators of low magnesium levels.

Getting enough magnesium is essential for maintaining good health but many people get less than they need in their diet because Nz soils are low in magnesium.

Customer Reviews

Magnesium SprayWill on Aug 11, 2022Spray was very good, relieved sore back muscle very quickly!

Magnesium sprayJulie on Oct 19, 2021I use this with the magnesium kawakawa cream fantastic for aches and pains

Magnesium SprayKaye Davie on Aug 11, 2021Again what an amazing product. Sometimes if I forget to use the cream .My restless legs wake me and then I just get up and spray this on which works straight away. Awesome thanks so much for making my sleep so much better.Regards Kaye

Magnesium oilSuzanne Mason on Feb 24, 2021Love love love...this is great on my feet I have nerve damage due to diabetes, such a relief.

Sleep helpFiona on Oct 05, 2020This unique product helps me to relax my tense neck and shoulders, resulting in a peaceful sleep. Highly recommend.