Sleep Drops for Kids


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Description: SleepDrops for Kids are a completely natural sleep formula designed to support your child’s normal body sleep patterns. They’re a non-habit forming, non-toxic, gentle way to help you to re-establish calm before bedtime. This helps settle children when they are overexcited or have an overactive mind which may be preventing them from achieving the sleep necessary for their growing bodies.

You can give your child SleepDrops for Kids with total confidence, knowing that you are giving them a completely natural formula made by a company that includes a team of Herbalists, Naturopaths, Nutritionists, and Homeopaths.

What Results And Benefits Can I Expect?- Support normal body response to sleeplessness before bed and during the night.- Total confidence knowing you are giving your child a safe, natural formula- Being able to enjoy your kids’ bedtime routine again- More “me” or “adult” time in the evening- If your kids are sleeping then you can get a good night’s sleep as well since you might not have to get up in the night- A refreshed and happy family with energy to get through the day

How Long Will It Last?Each 30ml bottle contains 600 drops. At 5 drops per dose that’s 120 doses in each bottle which should last you between 1-2 months.

SleepDrops for Kids is support for:- Going to sleep faster- Better sleep quality and quantity- Switching off mind chatter- Nightmares or night terrors- Promoting calm and restfulness at bedtime

Benefits:- Great tasting, all natural support for a more relaxed and restful sleep - Easy to take drops which can be individualised to your child’s ideal dosage- Non-drowsy, non-addictive formula with no side effects- Remedies to support children experiencing nightmares or night terrors

Ingredients: Californian Poppy, Corydalis, Chamomile, Hops, Jamaican Dogwood, Kava, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Lime Fower, Milk Thistle, Passionflower, Skullcap, Zizyphus, Chamomilla, Coffea Cruda, Gentian, Hypericum, Kali Phos, Mag Phos, Melatonin, Nux Vom, Passiflora, Pulsatilla, Vitamin C, First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand, Organic Coconut Glycerine, Purified Water, Ethanol, Potassium Sorbate

Directions: For Mild Sleeping Issues: - Take 5 drops under the tongue once or twice as needed and if waking in the night.

For Best Results:- 5 drops under tongue 30 minutes before bed and another- 5 drops when switching the main bedroom lights out.- You can continue to give ½ hourly if necessary for a maximum of 4 doses per night.

Precautions: - People sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients should avoid this product.- There is 0.005grams of dried herb equivalent per 5 drops dose so herb/drug interactions should be impossible. If you are concerned about this possibility please follow the advice of your medical practitioner.- People with diagnosed diabetes should check with their doctor as blood sugar levels could be altered when using this product.