Pure Vitality NZ Propolis UMF15 Manuka Throat Spray 30mL


SKU: 9421006111810

PROPOLIS & UMF® MANUKA 15+ THROAT SPRAYPure Vitality's Propolis Throat Spray is a great way to combat sore throats while on the go. It comes in a convenient 30ml spray bottle making it easy to carry and ideal for use on plane journeys where air conditioning can dry you out and germs can easily spread.

Propolis is a natural substance produced by bees from the resin of a tree to help protect the hive from bacteria, viruses and other foreign nasties. The word Propolis actually comes from a Greek word meaning “to defend the City”.

Propolis contains high levels of bioflavonoids, with well-known antioxidant properties to help with cellular protection, and assist in maintaining health and general wellbeing. It was traditionally used in western complimentary medicine to support a healthy immune system, and has antioxidant activity.

Research shows that New Zealand Propolis has the highest readings of flavonoids (anti-oxidants) when compared to Propolis from around the world.