Plantasy foods - Vegan Nut Roast 300g


SKU: 746935193256

A delicious vegan nut roast made with premium ingredients and the perfect quick weeknight dinner or celebration centerpiece. simply add 500ml of boiling water, stir, pour into the loaf pan provided and bake.

Great sliced cold for sandwiches. Gently microwave to reheat or heat a pan and fry slices until caramelized and a crispy crust forms


Dried Puy Lentils, Non GMO Textured Vegetable Protein, Australian Lupin Flakes, Australian Walnut Meal, Dried Carrot, Australian Pepita Meal, Golden Flax Flour, Dried Cranberries, Dried Tomato, Dried Onion, Baking Powder, Celery Salt, Oregano, Thyme.