Munch Silicone Food Covers - 6 pack


SKU: 650045031653

Our Munch silicone food covers are super versatile. You can use them to freeze food or cover food in the fridge. They are airtight stretch n’ seal lids. Say no to clingwrap and use one of our many reusable safe alternatives.

FOOD COVER ENSURES FRESHNESS: Keeps food fresh longer and prevents spills. They fit directly over bowls, jar lids, and hot food items themselves, helping you avoid a container transfer.SAFE SILICON: lab tested for safety, the food covers are 100% Phthalate, Lead-, Plastic- and BPA-free.THEIR LONGEVITY WILL AMAZE: Our extra thick silicone covers are durable and will not tear or warp. Easy to use, they can be used over and over again and are dishwasher and freezer safe. Significantly reducing plastic waste, they are a thousand times more eco friendly than cling wraps.CLEAR COMPATIBLE SILICONE LIDS: Why hide fresh food with a colored lid? Our see-through sealing lids offer you a window to the fresh food that is in your refrigerator or freezer. In addition, they come in 6 pack elastic sizes or 2 pack. Size: 20cm, 17cm, 15cm, 12.5cm, 10cm, 7cm (6 pack)