Lifestream - Aloe Vera 1.25L


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Lifestream Biogenic® Aloe Vera is a digestive tonic that soothes the lining of the stomach and intestines to support smooth and natural digestion. The pure ‘inner leaf’ gel of the Aloe Vera plant contains plant phytonutrients and other active components such as polysaccharides, essential for cell growth and renewal.

Lifestream Biogenic Aloe Vera:

Supports gastrointestinal health for smooth and natural digestionCalms bloating and digestive discomfortA prebiotic that supports the growth of beneficial bacteriaAntioxidant action protects cells against oxidative damageImmune system supportBiogenic® Aloe Vera is sourced from 100% pure ‘inner leaf’ gel with no added flavours or sweeteners. The Aloe Vera is organically grown in mineral-rich volcanic soil, sustainably harvested by hand and then gently processed using the patented NaturLock™ system.

The NaturLock™ system carefully locks in and protects the naturally soothing properties of the Aloe Vera plant, preserving the full range of nutrients to ensure they remain the way nature intended.

This product has been certified by the International Aloe Science Council

NaturLock™ is a registered trademark of Terry Laboratories, USA