Kiwiherb Calm Down 30's


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Calm Down

Kiwiherb Calm Down contains a full dose of TWO scientifically researched ingredients (KSM-66® Ashwagandha (also known as Withania) and L-Theanine) at clinically studied doses. Lessens feelings of stress and worry, enabling you to find your innermost calm. Swiftly soothes and calms with a rapid release plant capsule in 5 minutes.

A non-drowsy formula to provide extra support during those days or moments where there are heightened feelings of stress and tension.

Contains TWO scientifically researched ingredients at clinically studied doses for a rapid stress soothing action for calm with a unique 5-minute rapid release effect.Acts to calm tension, feelings of stress, worry and overwhelm.Supports clarity and focus, helps to achieve a clear mind and your innermost calm.Supports a restorative effect on a tired nervous system, helping you not only calm, but recharge and restore.