Nuzest Kids Good Stuff - Vanilla Caramel 225g


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Description:Kids Good Stuff is a great way to help your kids get all the nutrients they need to keep them happy and healthy from the inside out. Designed especially for growing kids this multivitamin for children helps fill any nutritional gaps in their diet by boosting vitamins and minerals. Kids Good Stuff Vanilla Caramel is perfect for fussy eaters it is so tasty and good they won’t know its healthy!.

Nuzest Kids Good Stuff is packed full of a nutritious blend of supergreens, fruit, veggies and berries, boosted with vitamins, minerals, protein, digestive enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics – all delivered in a delicious smoothie great way to help kids get the nutrients they need to be happy and healthy from the inside out.

Low sugar • Vegan • Gluten free • Dairy free • Nut free • Non-GMO

Benefits:- Quick, easy, all-in-one nutritional superfood- Supports growth and vitality- Provides nutrition for health brains- Easy to digest and absorb- No bad stuff and ideal for fussy eaters

Dosage:To make a yummy smoothie just add two scoops (15g) to 250ml of water or your favourite milk. Stir, blend or shake and enjoy daily! Best first in the morning.

Additional Information:A NATURAL BOOST: Just one serving of Kids Good Stuff includes 11 different fruits and vegetables, 200mg calcium and 8g of plant-based protein to aid growth and development. Instead of trying to coerce your child to eat multiple capsules or gummies, you can give them the nutrition they need to be happy and healthy in one delicious tasting smoothie. Perfect for taking in the morning before school, Kids Good Stuff contains the essential nutrients needed for better concentration and focus.

FOR HAPPIER INSIDES: This multivitamin for kids contains healthy digestive enzymes, prebiotic fiber, and probiotics for good digestion and gut support. Our powdered formula is based on real foods that’s gentle and easy for your child to digest and absorb - meaning they get the benefits faster! Kids Good Stuff will help maintain the good bacteria in your child’s gut while promoting good health for their immune system too – perfect for helping them fight off germs!

ALLERGY-FRIENDLY: Sourcing an allergy-friendly multivitamin for kids has just got easier! Kids Good Stuff contains zero bad stuff! Perfect if one or more children in the family needs to avoid certain allergens, we add absolutely NO gluten, soy, egg, dairy or peanuts.

EASY TO MAKE: The search for creative ways to ensure your child receives the nutrients they need is over! Kids Good stuff is a sneaky, fuss-free and easy way for little ones to get the right balance of B vitamins to help keep them alert and responsive. Just add two scoops of our multivitamin for children to 250ml of water or their favourite milk and shake-shake-shake! Bonus: It’s fun to shake so kids will love to help make it!

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