Honest Pet Co. Bones - Lamb 29g



Organic Lamb Dried Bones Chews - Your Dog Deserves the best!

Our 100% Certified Organic, Free Range & Grass Fed Lamb Bones make a great natural Dog Chew.

These make an ideal small treat or chew for your fur baby, without the delicious 'bone breath' afterwards!

Our Organic Lamb Femur Bones are Air Dried to lock in the flavour then packed in a resealable bag with Silica moisture absorber for your convenience.

Store Ambient

Net Weight 270g (Approx 2-3 bones per pk)

Ingredients100% NZ Organic Lamb Free Range Grass fed, Grass Finished.

THE HONEST WAY: Preservative Free, Antibiotic Free, 100% Natural, No Added Hormones, Grain Free, Gluten Free, Grass Fed, Free Range and Proudly only New Zealand Meat.

All Our Lamb is 100% Born & Raised in NZ