Hohepa Candle Tea Lights



IThe Story behind Hohepa CandlesHohepa Hawkes Bay is a community nestled between two rivers and the sea offering thebenefits of living, participating, growing and developing in a beautiful natural environment.We aim to support every individual living and/or working at Hohepa to live their life to theirfullest potential. Our principals are based on the holistic view of the human being whichwere developed by Rudolf Steiner.

The Hohepa Candles is one of several work centreswhere people learn and master hand-crafts. Ourmission is to bring a bright light into everybody’slife: the candle makers and our customers.

The candles are hand made from 100% localbeeswax which has been produced by bees roamingthe Hawkes Bay region. Our dedicated staff teachand enable the candle makers to transform thisnatural product into a range of beautiful shiningcandles.

Candle-making is an ancient craft which connects a sense of aesthetics and beauty with ahighly developed set of skills which suits the workers well – mostly adults with anintellectual disability. An environment of warmth and colour coupled with a measuredworking pace which engages and supports people in their physical, emotional and spiritualwell-being. The workers have the opportunity to selfdevelop beyond productivity, speed and anyindividual limitations.

They are a part of every step of the process: fromcollecting the beeswax in Takapau to pouring, dippingand colouring candles in the studio, to selling anddistributing it to our partners and retailers. Thisenables the candle makers to see the meaning of theireffort and understand the contribution they make tobringing beauty into customers lives.