Go Period support Rapid Release 10s


SKU: 9420061602264

GO PERIOD SUPPORT RAPID RELEASE is designed to support muscle relaxation when you need it most. This specialised formula contains key ingredients to soothe muscular tension during menstruation. Each fast release Plantcaps™ capsule contains the botanicals Crampbark and Ginger, combined with the mineral Magnesium to support, relax and calm the body and mind. Encapsulated in rapid release Plantcaps™ capsules, to start working faster, and supplied in convenient on-the-go blister packs.

  • Supplied in Fast Release Plantcaps™ Capsules
  • Supports muscle relaxation when you need it most
  • Calms and soothes during times of muscular and nervous tension
  • Synergistic blend of Crampbark and Ginger combined with Magnesium and B vitamin