Gevity - Bone Broth Sriracha Mayo 375mL


SKU: 794712627401

Gevity RX Souped-Up Sriracha Mayo is made to love your guts with a half serve of our 10x Body Glue™ Bone Broth in every serve!

It's made with the healthiest oil on the planet - EVOO is high in prebiotic fibre, and is egg and additive free. With the added zing of jalapenos and red peppers, those that love a bit of spice in their life will love it as much as their guts do!

Love both the taste and benefits of Great Guts Mayo but also love a little tingle on the tongue? Want to get the gut healing properties of Body GlueTM but also want to dunk some delicious sweet potato chips in sriracha?? Then our Sriracha Mayo is made for you! Healthy Mayo + Body Glue + chilli - you can see why this is our personal fav but we have to warn you - it's VERY moorish!

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