Eco Tan - Tan Removing Glove


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Description:Eco Tan Tan Remover Glove is an exfoliating mitt and absolute essential in tanning preparation and removal.

The exfoliating body mitt can be used as a dry body buff, with body scrubs such as a salt scrub or body washes to reveal silky smooth skin. Effective on ingrown hairs, flaky dry skin and rough, uneven skin.

Best of all, the Tan Remover Glove is eco friendly and reusable. Hang it up in your bathroom and allow it to dry before using it again the next time you want to buff your skin, apply or remove your tan.

  • Removes dead skin layers & old tan to reveal fresh smooth skin
  • Made with natural plant fibres
  • Use wet or as a dry body buff

Ingredients:Made with plant- fibres and vegan materials

Directions:- Can be used as a dry buff or with water. Simply rinse and hang to dry in the shower.- Use before showering as a dry body buff or with Salt Scrub to stimulate the lymphatic system by brushing over limbs and body in swift, firm strokes towards the heart- Use in the shower with water or one of our Body Washes and brush skin evenly in smooth, circular motions all over face & body- Use 24-48 hours prior to tanning for perfect preparation- Perfect for removing old or unwanted tan to reveal smooth skin- Rinse all after use and hang to dry. Can be hand washed

Eco Tan is an Australian-made range of organic and natural tanning and skincare products, born of a desire for a tanning product that avoids the toxic ingredients found in most brands, whilst also allowing users to enjoy a tan without risking UV damage from the sun.

Eco Tan is a Mindful Brand. This brand is environmentally sustainable and socially responsible.