Dr Julie's Kitchen - Toasted Muesli 500g


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A nutritious breakfast on-the-go has never been easier! Get Dr Julie's famous homemade toasted muesli delivered to your door!

Dairy-free, packed full of protein, healthy fats and the goodness of coconut with only a small dash of natural sugar from maple syrup. Just like you would make yourself! Plus the muesli is in eco-friendly bag which can be easily recycled.

Benefits: This toasted muesli has been carefully created by Dr Julie to provide a nutritious breakfast on-the-go option. Made with whole-grain natural oats for maximum fiber, protein from pumpkin seeds and walnut plus healthy fat from coconut this muesli is packed full of nutrients to keep you going for the day especially for those mornings when you just need something fast or to boost up a toddlers breakfast. This muesli contains no added sugar or dried fruit just a dash of natural sugar from maple syrup.

Please note - As Dr Julie recommends no grains for babies, the muesli is suitable for infants from 10 months of age.

Nutritional Information: Ingredients - Rolled Oats (55%), Pumpkin Seeds (12%), Coconut Oil (12%), Shredded Coconut (9%), Walnuts (8%), Maple (3.5%). See product images for the full nutrition information panel. Contains Oats, Tree Nuts. May Contain Wheat, Peanuts, Sesame Seeds. 

Net Weight - 500g - 10 servings/pack