Dr Julie's Kitchen - Grain Free Toasted Muesli 500g


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Dr Julie's famous homemade toasted muesli is also available in a completely grain and gluten-free option…..and can be delivered to your door!

Packed full of the goodness of five different types of nuts and seeds, healthy fats from coconut and just a dash of maple syrup.

The perfect way to start your day with a high dose of protein, fat, vitamin B12, iron, magnesium and no insulin spikes. 

No dried fruit – you will notice there is not a trace of dried fruit in the muesli at all! This keeps the sugar content right down to only what naturally exists in nuts and the dash of maple syrup – important for those watching total sugar intake. 

Celiac suitable – this muesli is completely free of all gluten and is safe for those who are celiac or needing to be gluten-free. 

Uses: This grain-free muesli can be breakfast, an easy lunch on the run or even just have a couple of tablespoons as a snack.

Nutritional Information: Ingredients - Pumpkin Seeds (23%), desiccated coconut (18%) sliced almonds (18%), sunflower seeds (14%), walnuts (11%), chia seeds (10%), coconut oil (2.5%) maple syrup (1.5%). Contains Tree Nuts. 

Net Weight - 500g - 10 servings/pack