Camel Milk Powder 100gms


Freeze dried Camel Milk Powder does not need to be refrigerated and has no chemical preservatives.
Freeze drying milk retains potency, bioavailability, flavour, and protein structure.

Our Freeze Dried Camel Milk Powder is made in custom batches right here on site at  Camel Milk NSW to ensure freshness and quality.

Net 100grams

Directions for use

Add 900mls of chilled filtered water to 100g of powder.
Our powdered milk is preserved in mylar bags and if unopened can keep for over 10 years.
Store out of direct sunlight

Freeze Dried Powder made from 100% Camel Milk


Camel milk used for centuries by nomadic people is the closest to human mothers milk. Camels posses unique powerful immune system components which are contained in their milk
Our camels are not fed any type of grain, they graze freely.
Our calves live alongside with their mothers an are only weaned when the mother decides so.
We posses an organic approach to our farming with no chemicals or pesticides used. Our paddocks are rotated with sheep and chickens for natural fertilisation.