BRUSH DOCK Razor Dock Silver


SKU: 794712289371

Very handy, and the soap stays nice and solid. It's only been a day, but I love my block dock items. My safety razor fits in nicely in the razor dock and my soap pops easily and comfortably behind it and drains quickly and completely, so there's no loss or blobby messes." V. North Shore

Looking sharp as, the Razor DockTM will be every shaver's delight!

The Razor DockTM is made from aluminium which is powder-coated to be hardwearing and long-lasting like your Block DockTM. It's another matchy-match accessory in the range and one we hope might help see the end of those cans of foam!

The Razor DockTM is designed to fit a shaving bar in the back with a manual razor sliding into the front section, hanging securely until needed. Take care when accessing the bar at the back. As it gets smaller, push the bar up with your finger from underneath the Dock. When the bar is very small, store it horizontally. Locate the Razor DockTM where you can easily look from above to access the bar safely.

The Razor DockTM for Safety Razors measures 8cm wide, 7cm deep and 5cm tall. The front section has 3.3cm depth for your safety razor and the back has 3cm depth for a shaving bar (we've got just the right sized one here - it's NOT included). The gap at the bottom for the razor handle is 1.5cm though this can be manually widened if necessary. It weighs just 36grams.

If you have a 'leaf' razor it hangs best when you place it through one if the side holes.

The Razor DockTM won't fit Ethique's Tip to Toe unless you cut it in two. Microwave for a few seconds to make cutting easier and use a very sharp knife (carefully) or a pizza cutter.

If your razor is bigger than this, it may be better suited to storage in an e-brush dock.

This accessory comes by default with a pvc suction cup for mounting to surfaces that are smooth and non-porous (acrylic, glass, mirror, vitreous china, many smooth tiles but not all). Wet the back before adhering. If you'd rather have a natural rubber suction cup than a pvc one you can make the switch here. Suction cups won't stick to rough or porous surfaces, like textured tiles or paint because they can't form the vacuum needed to work. If you are at all unsure if suction cups will work at your place, we suggest you add in some nanotapes too.