Blackgold Lion's Mane Extract 60g


Start your day with a natural zen like focus and be in flow, ready to smash through any task ahead of you. Lion’s Mane is all about sharpening you up giving you a mental edge that help supports cognition, memory, immunity, gut health, and mood all without side effects so you can keep powering on. 

60g powder | 1 month supply

Ingredients: Our tub contains only Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extracts.

Nothing else is added to keep it high in concentrated extracts so you get the full benefits. You won't see grains, flavoring, or coloring.

Each tub contains 60g (30 servings, 2g per serve) of potent, powerful organic mushroom extracts made from fruiting bodies (the mushroom itself) and thoroughly extracted for high amounts of bio-active compounds a.k.a the good stuff.

We use the fruiting body because studies show that's where the most nutrients come from. You wouldn't believe it but other products contain the roots of the mushroom instead which to us is almost like eating the apple tree and not the apple itself, weird right?