BePURE - Iron Restore


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Description: Iron is your body's most precious metal and Iron Restore isn't like other iron supplements you've tried in the past, it's been formulated with a highly bioavailable and non-constipating iron bisglycinate. We've added vitamin C and vitamins B9, B12 and B6 to further assist optimal absorption and production of hemoglobin.

According to the World Health Organisation, it is estimated that one-third of all women of reproductive age are anaemic. Boost your iron levels today and feel the difference. If you are uncertain whether you have low (or high) levels of iron we recommend you get tested at your local doctors office or Lab.

BePure Iron Restore is Vegan Friendly.

Every capsule of BePure Iron Restore contains a powerful combination of non-constipating iron biglycinate, vitamin C, and B vitamins 9, 12 and 6 to effectively support the renewal of depleted iron stores.

KEY ACTIVE INGREDIENTS:Iron biglycinate, highly bioavailable and non-constipating formVitamin C to assist with the absorption of ironEssential blood building cofactors, B9, B12 and B6 to further assist in the production of hemoglobin


1 x capsule away from food


Suitable to take when pregnant and breastfeeding.Suitable for ages 12+All BePure nutritional support products are supplementary to and not a replacement for a quality, whole foods diet.Distributed by BePure Health Ltd, Hawke's Bay Operation Centre, Napier.Always read the label and use as directed.