BePURE - Inner Calm 90's (30 days)


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Description:Anxiety and feelings of stress, overwhelm and a jittery, racing mind are now becoming one of the most commonplace experiences of our time.

Formulated with a soothing blend of nutrients and herbs to calm our neurotransmitters and nervous system long-term, as well as kava to support immediate anxiety relief, InnerCalm is here to help relax the mind and body to better cope with the effects of stress and anxiety in our day to day lives. InnerCalm provides fast relief for feelings of anxiety and overwhelm.

INNERCALM SUPPORTS:- Calming anxiety and the nervous system- Clearing the mind- Reduced stress hormone production- Those who have trouble sleeping and relaxing- Remaining cool under pressure

Ingredients:InnerCalm contains a blend of herbs and nutrients to quickly reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

KEY ACTIVE INGREDIENTS:- Passion flower for anxiety support- Kava to support instant anxiety reduction- Zinc, vitamin C and B6 for calming neurotransmitter production

Directions:InnerCalm can be taken daily (for up to 6 months) or as needed.

RECOMMENDED DAILY DOSE:3 x capsules with food