Leisa Cournane - Nutrition focused Naturopath

graduated as a Medical Laboratory Scientist in the 1994 and have worked  in that field both in NZ and overseas for more than 20 years. 
My natural health journey evolved from various avenues:
- my own health problems unable to be treated ‘conventionally’
- my own experience working in the hospital system
- and once I started learning and reading it was hard to stop!
I then decided to do an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy which I completed early 2011 after many years of part-time study fitted in and around family and work. I have two busy boys that keep me on my toes.
I am always studying and learning more and more about holistic wellness.
Most recently (2020) I have also completed my PreKure Health Coach Certificate.
My Philosophy: Start out simple and work from there. I always like to start from a nutritional perspective and believe in teaching people the tools so they can be the master of their own body. Having said that each person is an individual and what works for one may not for another. I encourage you to get involved do your own reading and really be part of the process, I think in that way it will become more part of your lifestyle to live ‘healthy’.
There are many different schools of thought out there and the more you look into it, the more perplexing it can sometimes be. But there are also quite a few ‘rules’ that transcend the majority of natural health perspectives – these will be the focus of a lot of the nutritional advice I will give. Contact me today for more information or to book an appointment.

24 Windsor street

Phone: 0272465988
Price list for Naturopathic/Weight loss Consults with Leisa
Individualised Virtual Meal Planning 
This can be done via an online form and a 30 minute zoom consult
2 week meal plan                                                                 $70
4 week meal pan                                                                  $120
Healthy eating individualised e-book                                    $40
Weight loss consults/coaching (in person or online)
Initial consult (approx 60min)                                                $120                     
Includes a 2 week individualised meal plan and a weight loss booklet with lifestyle recommendations.
Follow up (1/2 hour)                                                              $50
Weigh-in/brief consult                                                            $25
Weight loss Packages 
3 month  (7 visit)                                                                  $250                                                                                 
Includes:  Initial, 1 follow up and fortnightly weigh in/consult                   
6 month   (14 Visit)                                                              $380 
Includes: Initial, 1 follow up and fortnightly weigh in/consult                      
Pairs or groups can be accommodated and the price negotiated
Wellness/Naturopathic Consults (in person or online)
Initial 1 hour to 1.5hr naturopathic/wellness consult         $120
1/2 hour follow up consult                                                 $50
School Children Full Consult                                             $90
School Children Follow up                                                 $40