Courgette 'PASTA' and Prawns

Courgette 'Pasta' and prawns
3 or 4 Courgettes
2-3 Carrots
200mL Coconut cream
1C fresh or frozen prawns or prawn meat
sea salt
clove of garlic
1cm grated ginger
sweet chilli sauce (optional)
Slice carrots and courgettes thinly length wise - these are your mock spaghetti.
Cook Carrots first in boiling water or steam - about 5 minutes add courgettes for the last minute or so - want them both quite soft.
Fry prawn meat, garlic and ginger (in coconut oil or butter) for a couple of minutes, then add coconut cream and simmer until prawn meat is cooked - stir through sweet chilli sauce if using - add sea salt and herbs to taste.
Either mix together or serve prawn mixture on top of vegetables. Garnish with coriander and a squeeze of lemon juice. Enjoy.
Notes: Can omit the carrots and just use courgettes.
Use coconut cream over milk and never go for the low fat option. If you can get organic coconut cream all the better as it has fewer additives in it.