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Invercargill based wholefood organics shop offering a large selection of carfeully chosen products to enhance your wellbeing 
24 Windsor St, Windsor, Invercargill 9810, NZ 
Online Hours 24/7 - Freight FREE South Island orders over $75, North Island orders over $200
South Island - Overnight delivery (weekdays)
North Island allow 2-3 days
TEMPORARY SHOP HOURS DURING THE LOCKDOWN - SHORT BREAKS FOR CLEANING MAY ALSO OCCUR DURING THESE TIMES (deli is not in operation at this time)                                          
Monday - Friday  1130am-5pm                                                                                               
Saturday            10am-2pm                        
Sunday              Closed       
We will be opearting a one in one out policy during this time.
If you would like your order delivered then we will be offering this as a FREE local service for orders over $50
Please just email us your order and we will put pack it an invoice you and deliver within 24 hours.
Check out our Fresh Produce Order Form as well as browsing our online shop.              
Hi and welcome to ComplEat Wellness Invercargill, the Invercargill health shop and wellness clinics with a difference.
ComplEat is the name as we are an organics food based health shop with a selection of proven supplements. We aim to provide COMPLEAT lifestyle advice and healthy options for better living.
We have an extensive product range in store and online as well as an instore Deli (takeaway only) - providing Organic Salads and lunchboxes, Organic Soup and Raw food slices.
We will only stock products we ourselves would eat and/or use.
If we think a product may  have any potentially harmful ingredients in it we will NOT stock it. Our aim is to take the guess work out of shopping our products will not have a long list of ingredients that you will not understand.
Where possible our products will be:
Sourced as locally as possible - if you find a product we have that is not local and you know of a local supplier then let us know!
Ethically produced/Fairtrade
Non GE
So what have we got - this list is forever expanding as we source lovely health foods and products for you to try so pop back often for a look or better still come in store or browse online and look for yourself.
Organic Southland Beef - instore only
   - Mince
   - Sausages (99% beef, organic sea salt, organic unrefined sugar, organic pepper)
   - Various cuts of steak
Organic Chicken including frames and livers - in store only
Organic Fruit and Veggies - arriving about 1130am every Tuesday - instore or Online
Organic Flours including a large range of Gluten Free Flours
Free Range eggs - instore only
Gluten free baking, grains, breads, mixes, sauces, treats in fact about 80% of our stock is gluten free.
Fermented products including sauerkraut, coconut aminos, apple cider vinegar, kimchi, miso, coconut vinegar.
Vegan protein powders - a large range
Herbal teas - a large delicious range
Fair trade coffee
Sweeteners such as coconut sugar, rappadura, yacon syrup, agave syrup, molasses, brown rice syrup, stevia, maple syrup ....
Coconut oil various cold pressed organic varieties and also fermented ones.
Coconut yogurt (dairy free) - instore only
Nice Creams - dairy free coconut based ice cream - instore only
Nice Blocks - made with real fruit and no nasties. - instore only
Seaweed and sea vegetable products - lots
Snack foods - all MSG free, lots GF, lots dairy free
  - corn chips, crackers, raw chocolates, seaweed snacks, superfood bars ....
Sourdough Bread - arriving Tuesdays
Natural skin care for every budget
Natural Make up
Dental Care
Household cleaners without the nasties
Supplements carefully selected by our in store Naturopath
Wholefood powders and multi-vitamins.
Thanks for visiting and if you want to get in the loop for store specials and monthly wellness advice please fill in the contact form or email us.
Leisa, Guy, Leeanne, Dale, Norisha and Kylie