Viola hand sanitiser spray 55ML



After in-depth research for the most effective bacteria killing agents we have created this hospital grade formulation with 70% proof Un-denatured alcohol at a volume of 60%. Adding soothing and moisturising ingredients like Aloe Vera Gel, Glycerine plus a synergistic blend of essential oils all of which contain anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties plus Double Strength Colloidal Silver.
Packaged in 55ml brown glass with an atomiser (spray) top with overcap. The atomiser also fits our 100ml refill bottle.Also available in 100ml refill.
WARNING Not suitable for children to use. Adult supervision required for use on children 2yrs and below. Allow hands to dry completely.
Application: spray numerous times into palms and work solution all over, between fingers and under nails. Allow to air dry.

INCI Ingredients: Natural alcohol (un-denatured ethanol), Double Strength Colloidal Silver, (Aloe Vera Gel) Aloe Barbadensis, Glycerine (Organic Coconut) Pure Essential oil blend: (Lemon) Citrus limon , (Lavender) Lavendula angustifolia, (Orange) Citrus sinensis, (Tea Tree) Melaleuca alternifolia (Peppermint) Mentha piperita, (Eucalyptus) Eucalyptus globulus.