Valentines Day Special - Festival Farm Flowers and Naturalim Cho



A very special gift - pick up only.

A beautiful festival farm bouquet and 4 pack of stunning hand made naturalim vegan Chocolate hearts.

These are all produced right here in Southland by two wonderful ladies - Nicole and Norisha.

These are pick up only and will be ready February 13th.

Choc ingredients:These chocolates are lovingly made by Norisha from Naturalim - delicious vegan bon bons in a heart shape made with tempered cocoa paste, cocoa butter , maple syrup and salt and filled with peanut maple butter - Mmmm MmmmmThey are then carefully colored with natural colors .

Festival Farm Info:

A place of food, flowers and design.

We are a family inspired by nature who love to grow and make things on our Southland permaculture farm. We offer seasonal herbs and vegetables, fresh and dried cut flowers as well as seeds.

All of our floral work is created with Southland-grown, chemical free flowers and are compostable or have reusable parts (no plastic or toxic floral foam here).We see the beauty in the unusual and enjoy using non-traditional seasonal flora in our creations - Perfect for any occasion and budget; gift bouquets, home and office displays, weddings, special events and photo shoots.

We strive to increase the biodiversity of our farm through growing food and flowers together, surrounded by shrubs and trees - creating thriving ecosystems that support soil and plant health. So we can provide you with sustainable, stunning blooms and healthy, nutritious food.

How it works - we receive an order for flowers, we walk our garden and wider farm picking the most beautiful blooms and other interesting treasures on offer, we then arrange them and deliver the following day. Of course you can also order further in advance for a set delivery date or special event.

Or you can sign up to one of our subscriptions. We can provide weekly/fortnightly/monthly flower, herb/vegetable and composting services to businesses and households in Invercargill, Otatara, Wallacetown, Winton, Riverton and surrounding areas.

What nature gives us we share with you.