stasher pocket size 118mL - 2 Pack


SKU: 816990016262

These 2 clever little Stasher silicone storage bags offer palm-sized convenience. Perfect airtight storage for a snack of nuts, sliced fruit or whatever takes your fancy. They can also look after tiny valuables and organise your handbag or suitcase.

Made of platinum silicone, they are very hard-wearing and leak-proof.

WHY SILICONE IS A GOOD ALTERNATIVE TO PLASTICSilicone is (in some situations) a good alternative to plastic because as it is inert, non-toxic and it does not contaminate what it comes in contact with with potentially dangerous substances. Here is a link to a blog post about this exact topic.

WHY WE CHOSE THESE STASHER POCKET STORAGE BAGSThey support good health: silicone does not contaminate food with toxic additives.These little pockets are multi-purpose and durable: they can be reused for years for a multitude of things.They are safe and leak-proof: their Pinch-Loc™ seal is very precise.They are easy to clean: they can be washed in the dishwasher and do not absorb odours.They are the perfect fit for a set of earphones, some keys, a small snack of nuts, or a few biscuits.You can write on them to be sure you always know what’s in them or who they belong to.

PRODUCT USE TIPSWash with soap water before first use.Always wash after food related use.Dishwasher safe.Microwave safe.You can use them to freeze food.