Seleno GPX Cell Protect


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Seleno Health GPx Cell Protect®A potent nutraceutical formulation to boost the body’s natural antioxidant defence against infections, viruses, fatigue, oxidative stress and inflammation. Ideal to help super-boost your natural immunity.

GPx Cell Protect - Glutathione Booster

Fight chronic fatigue and stressProtect the body from colds, flu and infectionBuild and support a healthy immune systemEnhance your mental clarity and focusBoost your energy levelsAccelerate healing and exercise recovery timesImprove your athletic performanceBalance your body, mind and sleepAssist with recovery from illness

Glutathione Peroxidase (GPx) – Your own super antioxidantGPx is actually a series of 8 different types of antioxidant enzymes, each being specific to a different part of the body (GPx1-8). It’s specificity towards oxidants and rate with which it reacts makes it the body’s most protective antioxidant During times of oxidative stress and illness it will oxidize instantly and remove damaging molecules, thereby protecting the surrounding cells and tissue from damage. The end result is more energy, better immunity, enhanced vitality and a reduction of chronic oxidative stress.