ROAR Organic Coconut Milk


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•coconut flesh*, water

*certified organic

100% Fresh coconut flesh is ground into a pulp and then pressed with a little water. It is then canned and heated to ensure a long shelf life.

Coconut milk has all of the many health benefits as most coconut based products. It is a rich source of medium chain fatty acids (most notably Lauric acid).

ROAR coconut milk is also packed into BPA free cans (BPA is a known hormone disruptor) for added piece of mind. There are also no emulsifiers or preservatives meaning it is made out of 100% coconut. This give it a really delicious taste and texture – with no soapy aftertaste.

Due to the lack of emulsifiers the coconut milk needs to be shaken before use and may need stirring when it is stored below 20°C.