ROAR Olive Oil


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This gorgeous olive oil boasts big, bold, grassy flavours with a peppery aftertaste. Drizzle liberally over salads, pastas, roasted vegetables and soups or add to magnificent sauces and marinades. Also ideal for medium to high heat cooking (i.e. everything but the deep fryer) or simply enjoying with your favourite freshly-baked bread.
ROAR Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced from certified organic olives from a single origin estate on Australia’s Murray River. It is pressed at very low temperatures – to preserve the oil’s flavour and health properties within 4 hours of the olives being picked to maintain the highest taste and health properties.
The vibrant green colour and powerful aftertaste indicate that it is unrefined and contains a good amount of natural polyphenols, which are characteristic of top quality extra virgin olive oils. And it the polyphenols that are indicated in all the heart health giving properties of olive oil. ROAR Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains 33mg per 100ml of polyphenols.
Country-of-Origin Australia

•extra virgin olive oil.
certified organic