probiotic dairy yogurt starter - 10 pack


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Making yogurt at home is a healthy decision and cost-effective. You control the ingredients and remove large plastic yogurt pots from your weekly waste. Eat well, save money and the planet!

THIS YOGURT CULTURE CONTAINS:• 10 sachets of starter culture - each pack makes 1 litre of yogurt• 2 strains of live yogurt bacteria• 2 added strains of live probiotic bacteria (see ingredients below)

MADE IN NZCulture Cupboard starters are made in NZ in small batches for maximum live culture counts. Customers rave about the difference in results using fresh cultures.

WHAT MILK? - FRESH IS BEST:Choose the fresh milk that suits you. We're all different, and this culture works with a wide range of dairy milk including:

• Lactose-Free dairy milk• A2 milk• Trim and Calci-Trim• Homogenised milk• Whole milk and even cream• Raw milk, Cow, goat, sheep milk• It will work with UHT and powdered milk