plant based and dairy yogurt maker - culture cupboard


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Our plastic-free Yoghurt Maker includes:

Double-walled vacuum insulated stainless steel makerHeavy glass 1 litre (1 quart) standard preserving jarStainless steel jar lid42-page recipe and instruction bookMake your own plant-based dairy-free yoghurts from coconut, almonds, cashew, soy or homemade nut-milk blends. We include detailed recipes and tips to help you make your perfect yoghurt.

Also included: dairy-based recipes for making probiotic yoghurt, sour cream, lactose-free dairy yoghurt, cultured butter, Labneh and Greek yogurt.

Special design features:

work for yogurts, soft cheeses, and fermentscompact to storemakes a useful amounteasy to use and cleanplastic-free and electricity-freeholds its heat.