Pancetta Free Range - A lady butcher 60g


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New Zealand Free Range PancettaSourced from NZ Free Range farms, our pork belly’s (cured to make this Pancetta) flavours highlight the best that heritage breed pigs have to offer. Crossbreeds of Berkshire, Devon Large Black, & Duroc are lovely for charcuterie; with even marbling and a delicate flavour. These pigs spend their days walking along their own private beach, sauntering in paddocks, and making nests or foraging in the nearby forest. Naturally calming activities, such as these; of just being a pig, without the constraints of cages, keeps their meat mild in flavour with a melt-in-your-mouth texture. We then cure this cut in the classic style with fresh fennel seeds, citrus zest, and organic Marlborough sea salt, leaving your palate with an intensely savoury sensation.

Cooking Ideas: Wrap freshly cooked Asparagus or Chicken Breast (before baking) or Platter w/ Pickle