Pacific Harvest Kelp Salt 400g


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Kelp Salt is a mixture of organically produced NZ natural sea salt and NZ kelp.
Salt is essential to life and although it is 99% sodium chloride, it also contains a large number of other minerals in minute quantities. The iodine content in natural sea salt is very very weak. On the other hand, NZ Kelp is very very rich in iodine, in a form the body recognises.
Because there is controversy about the 'goodness' of iodised table salt , we have created this mixture, blending the goodness of natural sea salt and the nutritious kelp to add iodine naturally into your diet. But Kelp provides more than iodine, it contains many other elements such as iron, magnesium and Vitamin B’s. Read about NZ Kelp.
Keep very dry. If salt absorbs moisture, dry contents in a warm oven.
Totally natural New Zealand Sea Salt & NZ Kelp– free of processing or additives.The salt is produced organically.