Pacific Harvest Dulse Leaves 15g


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Dulse is a North-Atlantic sea vegetable with a distinctive taste and a rich crimson colour. Atlantic Dulse is to the Irish people what Nori is to the Japanese; by some it is hailed as the next kale! When you buy Dulse Leaves, they can be eaten straight out of the bag or easily made crunchy on low heat for a great nutritious snack!
Our Dulse is sustainably harvested by hand in Ireland, is dried naturally and packed manually. It is also commonly available on the East Coast of Canada & USA. Dulse leaves is one way we offer Dulse, the other is Dulse Flakes.
PH's Dulse is often eaten as a snack straight out of the bag or used as a garnish with a variety of dishes. Part of the red seaweed group, the colour is of red wine, the texture soft & chewy and when it comes to seaweed in the diet, Dulse consumption as food is among the best documented historically (for seaweed) and is often considered one of the easiest varieties for seaweed beginners.
Dulse is wild harvested in Ireland & tested for contaminants.