Pacific Harvest Citrus Furikake 75g


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Furikake seasoning is a tasty, flaky & colourful condiment combining seaweeds from different colour groups, sesame seeds & natural garlic.
Furikake means 'seasoning' in Japanese. Pacific Harvest’s is formulated to preserve the idea of the traditional Japanese seasoning without the use of animal products, sugar or MSG. A good salt alternative for those trying to reduce sodium, it has a salty taste with a fraction of the sodium in salt and a much better balance of other essential minerals. This tasty, flaky & colourful condiment combines 5 seaweeds, sesame seeds & natural flavours to produce a nutritionally dense condiment with a wide range of culinary applications. It is vegan and combines the nutritional profiles of sea vegetables from different colour groups; it makes it easy to eat a variety of seaweeds with different benefits.

The various seaweeds in Furikake are sourced from NZ & overseas; they are all tested for contaminants.
Kelp, Karengo, Wakame, Sea Lettuce & Ao-nori, Sesame seeds and citrus zest

Garlic Furikake is very concentrated in many nutrients including iodine. Please refer to the Citrus-furikake-label for the iodine content.