Ocean green Fish Oil


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OCEANGREEN ORGANICS Hoki Fish Oil Supplements are a convenient and effective way to boost your Omega-3 levels - the essential fatty acids found in fish - which can bestow a range of impressive and desirable health benefits.

Our Hoki Fish is sustainably-sourced from the cool, clear waters of the New Zealand Southern Pacific Ocean - the cleanest, purest and most nutrient-dense ocean in the world

Our Hoki Oil Capsules are proudly made from New Zealand Hoki, Macruronus novaezelandiaeNew Zealand Hoki Oil is higher in DHA than EPA (Minimum 5:10 EPA:DHA ratio)Each capsule provides more than 20% total Omega-3Active Ingredient per Capsule

Hoki Oil 500 mg +/- 7.5%

EPA > 40 mg

DHA > 100 mg

Total Omega 3 > 200 mg

EPA 06.74 g/100g

DPA 21.90 g/100g

DHA 13.40 g/100g

Superior Quality Natural Triglyceride Oil which is the form your body most easily absorbsGuaranteed Freshness with our special black soft gel capsules which block light and oxygenOur Hoki Oil is extracted by our contract plant using a specialised technique that ensures the oil is of the highest standard for purity and freshnessThe harvest and production quality process adheres and is compliant with government certifications and New Zealand Fisheries regulations Fully traceable and certified sustainable — our Hoki is sustainaby-harvested from full MSC certified fisheries which use the Purse-seine fishing method in the open waters off the South West Coast of New Zealand. This type of fishing has no contact with the seabed Our NZ Hoki not only has great leves of beneficial oils, it also has low toxic pollutants such as mercury and other heavy metals compared to other fishA generous 120 capsules of 500 mg of Hoki Fish Oil per bottle and recommendation of up to 6 capsules per day.


  • Pure Fish Oil

  • Organic & GMO Free

  • 100% NZ Ocean

  • 100% NZ Packaged & Produced