Natava Organic Coconut Oil 470ml


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Natava SuperFoods Coconut Oil is premium, cold pressed, virgin, certified organic, with an amazing smooth taste! Coconut oil is best known for containing lauric acid which is a quality saturated fat that is also found in Mother's breast milk. It is also the ideal oil to use when cooking as unlike other vegetable oils it doesn't become rancid and remains stable when heated.


Our Virgin Coconut Oil is cold pressed, meaning the process is dehydrate the coconut, press and expel the oil from it and filter. It does not undergo bleaching or refinement.

Why choose our Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil vs bleached/refined Coconut Oil in the market?

Bleaching is the process of making cooking oil/ RBD (refined, bleached and deodorized). They use copra for tha where the coconut meat is placed on the ground with the dirt/ dust and sun dried or they place it in a bamboo tray on top of an open put flame where all the soot gets on it. So when they press the oil, it is dark and dirty which needs chemicals to bleach clean.

Health benefits of Coconut Oil:•The oil that comes from coconuts contains lauric acid which is converted into a compound that supports immune function and is antiviral, antimicrobial, and has anti-fungal properties.•Coconut oil is great for cellular health due to its content of saturated fats (normally thought of as bad fats but in this case it is medium chain triglycerides which the liver can easily metabolise). This is because cells are mainly made up of saturated fats, therefore the fats in coconut oil are used to build strong, healthy cells.•It also contains Vitamin E which helps your skin to look healthier and is the vitamin which helps to prevent dry skin.•Recent research has shown that natural coconut fat in the body may help to normalise body lipids. This in turn may help to protect the liver from damage.•Coconut oil may improve metabolism as it is made up of short to medium chain fatty acids which are easier for the body to digest.•Due to its antimicrobial properties, consuming coconut oil may help to ease digestion, as it aids the body to deal with harmful bacteria.•Many athletes are said to choose coconut oil and believe it helps to boost endurance and energy levels as well as improving their performance, this is because its fat content is easily converted into energy.

How to Use Coconut Oil:

There are so many ways that coconut oil can be used. Not only is it great to use in the kitchen but it can also be used on your skin, hair and in cosmetics. It is ideal to use when cooking and using heat but is also great in raw dishes. It has a subtle flavour and can even be used in baking, cakes, cookies and many other desserts. It can be used as a replacement for butter on bread or crackers and can even be added to smoothies to up your intake of good fats.