N8 Organic Facial Moisturing Oil - acne prone skin 30mL


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Got acne problems big or small?

Finally - a natural moisturiser that is not just great for your skin, but which helps with acne problems!

From our range of moisturising oils, this fantastic formulation of 100% natural plant oils - including NZ manuka oil - has been shown by many of our customers to be effective at reducing and clearing up acne. Plus it does a lovely job of replacing your water-based moisturising cream. There's a lot of information below - but bear with us, or skip to the section on how it works!

Natural plant oils contain a variety of healthy long-chain fatty acids (LFAs or "Omega Oils") that your skin needs and wants.

Skin condition problems are often related to an imbalance of LFAs in the skin's sebum - the natural moisturising mix. Plant oils as moisturisers could be thought of as concentrated nutrition for your skin.

And then there's the problem of acne, affecting many people - not just teens - it often persists into much later life. Our Acne Prone Skin Moisturiser is a carefully selected mixture that is suitable for general use as a moisturiser, but its super power is in how it targets acne.

Warning Warning - technical talk follows

Generally speaking, acne vulgaris [acne] is the body's reaction to an over-abundance in the skin's pores of a particular bacteria - Cutibacterium acnes or C. acnes (formerly known as Propionibacterium acnes or P. acnes). It's just one of a great number of bacteria that live on you all the time, usually doing no harm. C. acnes feeds off the skin's sebum and thrives away from oxygen - so skin pores make a nice home for it. And when your skin is producing too much sebum (especially with an excess of oleic acid, which the bacteria especially likes), it is easy for this bacteria to become too abundant.

To counter this, your body fights it like any other infection. The result? Acne. Pimples. Zits. Spots.

So How Does It Work?

This is a three sided fight:1) Some of the plant oils are antibacterial and work to keep the overall levels of C. acnes down. Because the oils absorb into the skin there should be a reduction of the bacteria in the pores, keeping it to a level the body can tolerate and not react to.

2) Acne prone skin tends to be oily (feeding the bacteria) and tend to be too high in oleic acid, which has pore-blocking tendencies and which feeds the bacteria. The skin overproduces sebum to try to address the imbalance, but only makes it worse with more oleic acid.Some of the plant oils in this product are to address the imbalance, so the skin can reduce its sebum production. Less pore-blocking oil, less food for the bacteria.

3) The activity of an enzyme is targeted. This enzyme converts testosterone in the skin to dihydrotestosterone, which in-turn results in yet more production of oleic acid.

Pair it with the Acne Treatment OilFor large scale acne problems, we would suggest using our Acne Treatment Oil as your moisturiser until the problem is brought under control.Normally you'd just our Treatment Oil as a spot treatment to halt the development of new acne, applied in conjunction with this Moisturiser For Acne Prone Skin.

100% natural plant oils - all organically grown or certified. Vegan friendly.

30ml bottle with dropper.

Ingredients:Safflower oil, evening primrose oil, hemp seed oil, black cumin seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, tamanu oil, borage seed oil, manuka oil, natural vitamin E.

Usage Guidelines:Massage 2 drops on clean face, morning and night. Slightly damp skin will help spread and absorption. Spreading on hands then applying to your face will help with even coverage. Any residual oil can be rubbed into your hands to moisturiser them too!

Precautions:- Do not apply immediately before bed as it needs a bit of time to absorb into the skin.- Patch test before use recommended.- Discontinue use if irritation develops (and let us know to help work out the cause).- External use only.- Avoid eye area.- Store cool and out of direct sunlight.