N8 100% Natural Perfume Spiced vanilla 15g


SKU: 9421905032018

Our range of 100% natural solid-perfumes really are just like they say on the tins! Fully natural. Perfumes.

Sounds simple, but the complex mix of essential oils in each one is anything but. Usually applied to your wrists or neck, your body heat will bring the perfume alive. And being natural, the fragrance changes a little as you wear it.

The dominant fragrance on this one is a deep vanilla - spiced up with lemongrass and several gingers.

The base includes NZ beeswax and some of NZ's magical Manuka oil.

We've met many people who are sensitive to commercial perfumes, which usually are mostly or fully synthetic. But when they try our perfumes, they don't have any adverse reaction!

In a lightweight recyclable aluminium tin - these perfumes won't weigh down your handbag. Great for travelling, or to give as a gift.