My Matcha Life Tea Lovers Matcha 30g


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USDA/JONA Certified Organic Ceremonial Grade Japanese Matcha Tea. Hand picked during the first flush of spring, extremely smooth tasting, ideal for traditional style matcha and iced matcha. 1 oz tin / 30 servings. Tested for lead and radiation.

DescriptionSMOOTH TASTING, HAND-PICKED ORGANIC CEREMONIAL MATCHA TEA: Unlike other matcha teas, Tea Lover’s Matcha is shade grown and hand-picked at the first flush of spring when the leaves are young and fresh, bursting with the nutrients green tea is famous for. After picking, the leaves are de-stemmed and slowly stone ground into an ultra fine matcha tea powder. Most matcha is machine harvested (not hand-picked) then ball crushed, or heat pulverized into powder form, leaving the tea leaves with little nutrients and bitter tasting.

OUR MATCHA IS TESTED FOR LEAD AND RADIATION: Every batch of My Matcha Life® matcha is tested for heavy metals including lead. As well, we continue to have our matcha tested for radiation at a North America lab. We drink a lot of matcha as do our family and friends, we want to be 100% certain it is healthy and safe to drink.

RICH IN ANTIOXIDANTS & L-THEANINE: The L-theanine amino acid is exclusive to tea and in Tea Lover’s Organic Ceremonial matcha green tea you get a super concentration of it, more so than in lower grades of matcha. Because Tea Lover’s is picked during the first harvest in spring it naturally contains higher l-theanine. As the leaves sit under the sun until the second harvest in August, the sunlight changes much of the l-theanine into tannins, which make the tea leaf taste bitter. Tea Lover’s Matcha is also abundant in antioxidants especially green tea’s most famous one, the EGCG catechin.

100% AUTHENTIC JAPANESE MATCHA: Japan makes the best matcha tea and has for the past 800 years. Tea Lover’s Matcha green tea is grown and harvested in Japan using traditional Japanese methods of hand-picking, shade-growing, de-stemming, and slowly stone grinding. These simple, traditional methods make the best tasting and most nutrient dense matcha.

USDA/JONA CERTIFIED ORGANIC JAPANESE MATCHA GREEN TEA: 1 gram (1/2 tsp) of Tea Lover’s matcha gives you 10X the benefits of regular brewed green tea. Because it is certified organic you can rest assured the goodness is maintained all the way from the small tea farms of Japan right into your smooth tasting cup of matcha tea.