Lifestream - Collagen Beauty booster 60 caps


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Lifestream Lifestream Collagen Beauty Booster is a scientifically researched formula that provides pure plant rice ceramide- PCD® with high strength hyaluronic acid to support hydrated, smooth, radiant skin. For visible results in 6 weeks.

A unique beauty formula with collagen boosting ingredients for youthful, beautiful looking skin. The outer layer of your skin is made up of skin cells and lipids. Our skin lipids are naturally made up of more than 40 percent ceramides. As we age, skin hydration and moisture become compromised as ceramide and collagen levels naturally decline.

The skin barrier also become less effective in its protective role. As our skin ceramides levels decline with age. Skin ceramides act as a powerful ingredient for skin protection, supporting healthy skin function, boosting hydration, and providing a moisturising effect for smooth radiant skin.

Product benefits? Supports skin hydration and locks in moisture for radiant skin? Highly concentrated source of glucosylceramides – the most tested ceramide for beautiful skin? Powerful ceramide action – Ceramide -PCD® contains more then 10x the amount ofactive plant sterols then wheat-based ceramides.? Superior results in 6 weeks? Skin Protection helps support a healthy skin barrier against environmentaltoxins and for everyday protection? Protects the skins collagen by inhibiting collagen damaging enzymes elastase,collagenase, and tyrosinase, helping support healthy collagen production