Cuisinescene Black Raspberry Vinaigrette 375mL - sugar free


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If you cannot have sugar you can still enjoy the sweet things in life. This dressing is made with all the same ingredients as our famous Black Raspberry Vinaigrette, but sweetened with natural Stevia instead of sugar.

Black Raspberry Vinaigrette – Handmade in New Zealand. - Gluten Free


Black Raspberry Vinaigrette is a dressing for all types of salads, including Potato Salads, Bean Salads, and cold Roast Vege Salads.

– They add life to winter salads – especially with Haloumi Cheese and a few Pine Nuts.– Drizzle over steamed vegetables – quicker than making a cheese sauce– Splash through a Stir-Fry– A marinade for meat– Use to poach fish– A baste for fish and chicken prior to smoking– Splash in an oven bag with a roast chicken– Fill the hollow of an avocado and enjoy– Flavour boost for gravy

Ingreds:White wine vinegar, water, olive oil, black raspberry juice, mustard seeds, maize flour, garlic, salt, pepper, stevia.