BE PURE Progesto Renew



Designed to support and maintain healthy progesterone levels throughout a female’s cycle. Due to high stress in our busy lives, progesterone levels are often low. This can be problematic as progesterone is our calming hormone and also plays a vital role in fertility, mental clarity and gives us a sense of calm, rather than stress!


In the modern world, we are living busy lives and it is undeniable that prolonged stress has become increasingly more common. Stress can lead to low progesterone levels, and since we need progesterone to counter balance our oestrogen this can lead to imbalanced hormones.

It is common for those with low progesterone to experience menstrual complaints, PMS, brain fog and fluctuating moods.

BePure ProgestoRenew contains a nourishing herbal and nutrient formulation to nurture your hormones back into balance by soothing the nervous system, helping the body respond to stress appropriately and opening up communication between the pituitary gland and ovaries to promote healthy fertility.


o Natural production of progesterone

o Relaxation of the nervous system

o Normal pain-free periods

o Healthy ovulation

o Clearance of oestrogen

o Fertility

o Brain function, mood, memory and cognition


o Heavy, painful periods, clots, fibroids

o PMS – painful cramps, irritability, sore breasts, water retention, food cravings

o Anxiety, chronic stress, insomnia

o Struggling to get pregnant and/

o Or no ovulation, irregular periods or no period at all


o *If you have PCOS and would like to know if this product is suitable for you, please get in touch with the Be Pure Nutritional Health Support team.

o Not suitable for males, during pregnancy, breastfeeding or if you are on hormone medication such as oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy.

o It is recommended to take the Hormone Health Questionnaire on the Be Pure website to get a snapshot of your hormonal balance, especially progesterone levels.