Arepa For Mental Clarity - 60 caps


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Description: This product is designed to keep you calm and thinking clear, from procrastination, brain fog, stress and mental blocks. Formulated by our world-renowned Neuroscientist. Arepa is based on decades of clinical research along with our own independent studies on our finished formula. 100% Natural, Caffeine-free, Effects you can feel.

  • New Zealand's #1 Nootropic Capsules.
  • Enriched with higher levels of New Zealand Pine Bark Extract Enzogenol vs other formats.
  • Perfect for travel and emergencies to keep you calm and thinking clear under moments of pressure and stress.
  • Patented formula designed by world-class neuroscientists to boost your brain and immune system with nature's most powerful brain-food polyphenols; New Zealand Pine Bark and New Zealand Neuroberry Blackcurrant Extract.

Primary Benefits:- Supports Mental Clarity and Focus- Supports Anxiety and Stress- Supports Cognitive Blood Flow

Secondary Benefits:- Supports Inflammation Response- Reduced Mental Fatigue-Supports Sleep

Ingredients:500mg Enzogenol | 500mg Blackcurrant Extract | 200mg L-theanine per serve (2x capsules).

Dosage: Consume 2 x capsules with water 20 minutes before your most important moment, or daily for enhanced brain function.