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Free - 7 Day Green Smoothie Challenge

Date: 05-Jan-2020

Who is up for a 7 day green smoothie challenge?

Have a green smoothie everyday for which ever meal you prefer and if you would like to add some other great habits you can add these ones on also:
- 1 x green smoothie per day
- 2 wholefood meals per day - so read labels and don't buy anything with food additives/chemicals the easiest way to do this is to avoid packaged foods with long ingredient lists.
- 2L of filtered water per day
- 30 min walking per day preferable outside
- 7-8 hours sleep per night

These are simple but life changing habits.

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These recipes have been supplied by Leisa Cournane - Nutrition Focused Naturopath
These are some examples or recipes Leisa uses in her individualised meal plans.