Dunsinanes Black Garlic 2 bulbs

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Dunsinane’s Black Garlic is locally produced in Canterbury, New Zealand using the finest garlic bulbs sourced from Canterbury, Marlborough and, in our short off season, the USA. Dunsinane’s Black Garlic is a fermented garlic bulb which is produced using high heat over a long time period. Nothing is added to this process so the resulting product is 100 percent garlic. At Dunsinane’s we care about the environment and understand that people often wish to know exactly how their food has been grown. With this in mind we have also sourced a line of organically grown garlic and this is exclusively produced into our Black Garlic and labelled “Organic”. What is “Black Garlic”? Raw garlic bulbs are transformed into Black Garlic using high heat over a long time resulting in black cloves which are sweeter tasting with none of the astringent after taste of ordinary raw garlic. This taste is often referred as umami- the fifth taste. Some people describe the taste as molasses-like, some say it tastes of balsamic or even a tamarind-like flavour. Others have described it as having a liquorice taste. All agree it is delicious. Even those who do not normally like garlic, and never use it in cooking, have tried Dunsinane’s Black Garlic and gone away with a bulb to use. And guess what? NO GARLIC BREATH. A delightful side effect from eating Black Garlic is that half an hour after you have finished there is no garlic smell on your breath, nor does the smell come out on your skin the next day. Dunsinane’s Black Garlic is sold in a resealable air tight pouch and does not require refrigeration once open. It will keep for approx 3-4 months, but is so delicious that it will be finished long before that. Black Garlic has been used in Korea for over 600 years and is considered a superfood both in Korea and Japan. There has been much written on the internet about its medical properties. (Google black garlic health benefits.) We in no way advocate black garlic for medicinal purposes- we just love its taste. We have been unable to find any published medical or scientific papers that prove any of the properties. Please if any of you discover any such proof let us know because we would love to be able to substantiate some of these claims.